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Recent News

Samurai Summer means Slashed Prices!
We're sellebrating Samurai Summer by slashing prices on our top-selling samurai title, Lone Wolf and Cub! Now you can get the movies for $9.99 each, or $49.99 for the 6-film box set!
Ballad of Narayama and Father of the Kamikaze will go out of print in January
The Ballad of Narayama and Father of the Kamikaze will go out of print on January 9th, 2013. We have a limited number of copies in inventory, so they may actually become unavailable well before that date. We've reduced the price to $7.99 to ensure that happens!
Wakeful Nights will end on 6/9/2012
The hilarious comedy Wakeful Nights will go out of print on Saturday June 9th. This is your last chance to get a copy of one of our favorite films.
Big Bang Love, Juvenile A will go out of print on 5/12/2012
One of Takashi Miike's most unusual and interesting films, Big Bang Love is going out of print with a bang -- we've lowered the price to only $7.99. Don't miss this critically acclaimed exploration of love, sexuality and murder.
At AnimEigo, March Madness means we've gone nuts and reduced prices!
We've cut prices on several of our DVD's! All Zatoichi DVDs are now $7.99, and the box set is $49.99.
Last chance! Great Samurai titles going Out-of-Print March 4th!
While supplies last, a measly $5.99 will bag you The Wolves, Battle of Okinawa, Kon Ichikawa's 47 Ronin, Shinsengumi, Dora-Heita or Incident at Blood Pass (this last goes OOP March 31st).

You can also get Samurai Assassin for $7.99 and the Japan At War DVD Collection for $29.99.

Prices are good while supplies last or until the stroke of midnight Eastern Time on the appropriate dates.
Yawara! will go out of print August 31st, 2012
Our Yawara! box set, containing the first 40 episodes of the TV series, will go out of print at the end of August. We will not be pressing any more copies of the set, so it will only be available while supplies last. Don't miss your chance to own this wonderful and charming Anime series! Update: price reduced to $19.99 to clear out the last remaining stock!
The Jolly Old Elf hates us...
We're doing our part to add to his logistic burden by releasing a wonderful samurai film, Sword of Desperation. When a loyal samurai assassinates the concubine of his Lord, he expects to be sentenced to death. Instead, he is sentenced to life!

Based on a novel by acclaimed author Shohei Fujisawa, author of the Oscar-nominated "The Twilight Samurai", this is a film that really delivers. The ending is totally amazing!
Our annual Holiday Sale is upon us.
Until the end of the year, you can get great savings on some of our most popular titles!

Just added: The Japan at War DVD collection for a mere $34.98!

The complete Yawara! box set for only $34.95!

Individual discs of You're Under Arrest! are now only $6.99!

A mere $7.99 will bag you Samurai Assassin, Incident at Blood Pass, The Wolves, Battle of Okinawa, Kon Ichikawa's 47 Ronin, Shinsengumi or Dora-Heita! Keep our shipping ninjas busy and out of trouble -- we don't want a repeat of last year's regrettable "Missing Mall Elves" incident. Order today!
Samurai Titles going Sayonara!
Lady Snowblood, Samurai Banners and Red Lion will all be going out-of-print on November 30th, 2011, and will not be available after that date. The price of all of these DVDs has been reduced to $7.99 while supplies last.

The Toshiro Mifune Box Set, which contains Samurai Banners and Red Lion, will also become unavailable at the same time, but the other titles in the set will still remain available as individual DVDs.
Sneak Preview of 2012
Coming in 2012, a set of stellar samurai films, plus the long-awaited Blu-ray release of the complete Shogun Assassin series!

If classic samurai films are your cup of green tea, you'll love Eiichi Kudo's Samurai Revolution Trilogy, consisting of 13 Assassins (1963, aka The Thirteen Assassins -- recently remade by Takashi Miike), The Great Killing (1964, aka The Great Duel) and Eleven Samurai (1967).

And if stellar swordplay is your bowl of rice, then you'll be pleased to know that the complete 5-film Shogun Assassin series, dubbed into English, will be released in a Blu-ray collector's set.

More details soon; in the meantime, here are a few images to whet your appetite.

Ashura to go Out-of-Print on 22-August-2011
One of our favorite samurai films (we liked it so much that we commissioned an amazing english-language dub) will be going out of print soon. To clear out our stock, we're reducing the price to a measly $4.99!

More details can be found here.
You're Under Arrest will go out-of-print on January 31st, 2012
We regret to announce that You're Under Arrest will go out of print on January 31st, 2012. As individual DVDs may go out-of-print prior to that date when stocks are exhausted, we recommend that if you want to complete your collection, you do so as soon as possible.
Summer Samurai Sale!
It's hot out there, so now's the perfect time to crank up the AC and watch some seriously sizzling samurai cinema.

So for a limited time, the two Lady Snowblood films, as well as two Toshiro Mifune classics (Red Lion and Samurai Banners), are only $9.99.

And if two helpings of the magnificent Mifune just don't seem like enough, you can get the 5-film Toshiro Mifune Box Set for a mere $39.99!
Heads-Up: Urusei Yatsura shortage worsens!
As mentioned in a previous news item, Urusei Yatsura is going out-of-print on the 30th of September, 2011.

As individual titles in the series run out, they will not be re-pressed, and some of them are already out of print! Our stocks of the remaining DVDs are getting quite low.

So if you've always been meaning to complete your collection of UY, now is the time. Buy now or cry later!

Tip: if you want to order a lot of DVDs, our Complete Product List lets you add as many DVDs as you want to your shopping cart in a single operation!
Free Ninja T-Shirts are back!
We just discovered that an extra supply of our extremely elusive Ninja T-Shirts has infiltrated our office, so we are re-instating our Free Ninja T-Shirt Offer.

Place any order totaling $100 or more (before taxes and shipping), and follow the instructions cunningly hidden on the checkout page, and you can get one for free. Currently we only have L, XL and 2XL sizes. This offer is available while supplies last.
Portrait of Hell goes out-of-print on 2011-02-28
One of our favorite psychological horror films, Portrait of Hell, will go out of print at the end of February. Can you possibly resist the chance to see Kinnosuke Nakamura lose his mind for only $3.99?

Quantities extremely limited! Offer good while supplies last!
Urusei Yatsura to go out of print on 30-September-2011
It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that we will be unable to renew our license for Urusei Yatsura. We will be unable to accept orders after the 30th of September, 2011, and individual DVDs will almost certainly become unavailable before that date as our stocks become exhausted.

So if you've always been meaning to complete your collection of UY, now is the time.

Tip: if you want to order a lot of DVDs, our Complete Product List lets you add as many DVDs as you want to your shopping cart in a single operation!
The Perfect Gifts for Valentine's Day...?
Looking for a romantic gift for Valentine's Day?

Then how about the complete Yawara Season One Box Set for only $39.99?

What's that you say? You like your hearts pierced by sharp implements? Then how about the second Sleepy Eyes of Death Box Set for only $49.99? Or the Mikogami Trilogy for a mere $19.99 (or each film for only $6.99!)

At AnimEigo, we specialize in very special gifts for that very special someone.
Box Set Blowout Sale
For a limited time, we've reduced the prices on some of our most popular box sets. Now you can get hours of top-notch anime and samurai films for only pennies. Ok, thousands of pennies, but you get the idea! Included are titles like Miyamoto Musashi, Sleepy Eyes of Death, Shinobi no Mono, Shogun Assassin, Tora-san, The Toshiro Mifune Collection and Yawara. You can see all the items and add them to your cart here.