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Kazuhiro Furuhashi

YUA went out-of-print on January 31st, 2012.

However, the DVDs will be available after that date until stocks are exhausted. There will be little or no warning when this happens.

Special Limited Time Offer -- YUA DVD 1 for only $2.99! Scroll down for details!

They're Cosmically Cute... They're Catastrophically Charming... And they're itching to tell you... "You're Under Arrest!"

From the creator of the hit series "Oh My Goddess!" comes a high-speed dramatic comedy! Now the complete first season of the You're Under Arrest TV Series, all 52 episodes (technically, 51 episodes plus the "special"), is available on DVD in both individual DVDs and an extras-packed set of 4 boxes

Each DVD contains 4 episodes, in both dubbed and subtitled form. That's right, the series is so good we dubbed the entire first season! Box Sets 1-3 contains 3 episode DVDs plus a bonus features DVD with lots of goodies.

Synopses of the first 4 episodes can be found at the bottom of this page...

  • From Kousuke Fujishima, creator of the best selling Anime series "Oh My Goddess!"
  • Extremely popular series in Japan that spawned its own live action series.
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Individual Episode DVDs

Each DVD contains 4 episodes, dubbed and subtitled. The bonus discs are only available as part of the box sets (which are now out-of-print).

For a limited time, YUA DVD 1 is only $2.99 - order it, and when you check out, a $4.00 discount will automatically be applied! This discount may only be used once per customer.

You're Under Arrest TV 1 DVD
You're Under Arrest TV 3 DVD
You're Under Arrest TV 4 DVD

You're Under Arrest TV 7 DVD
You're Under Arrest TV 8 DVD

You're Under Arrest TV 9 DVD
You're Under Arrest TV 12 DVD

You're Under Arrest TV 13 DVD

The Original YUA OVAs

You're Under Arrest originated as a set of 4 OVA videos; these later became the first 4 episodes of the TV series (and are contained on DVD #1). Here are synopses of these episodes:

Episode 1: "And So They Met..."

Tokyo Highway Patrolwomen Natsumi and Miyuki get off to a bad start when Miyuki busts Natsumi for reckless moped driving on her way to work. Things get worse when they find out they're going to be partners!

But when they run into "The Fox," a mysterious figure who tools around in defying every traffic regulation yet invented in an unbelievably customized Mini ERA Turbo, they'll need all their wits and every RPM in Miyuki's Nitro-boosted Mini Patrol Car to successfully hound their opponent!

Episode 2: "Tokyo Typhoon Rally"

Storm clouds gather over Tokyo as a fierce Typhoon bears down upon the city. Into the darkness and wind steals a mysterious yellow Lancia, taking advantage of the deserted streets to indulge in some high-speed harrassment. Meanwhile, back at Bokutoo Police Station, is that love, or just negative ions?

Intrepid police officers Natsumi and Miyuki can deal with the chaos of a giant storm. But when they are faced with the challenge of transporting a desperately ill pregnant patient to a specialist hospital during a city-wide blackout, there's no room for error, and no time to lose.

There is, however, a cop-hating yellow Lancia.

The Tokyo Typhoon Rally : no prize for second place.

Episode 3: "Love's Highway Stars"

Romance is on the rocks when Yoriko, Bokutoo Precinct's gossipy dispatcher, spreads the word that Miyuki is going to attend an "Omiai" matchmaking session. Will this dire news finally spur the terminally tongue-tied Ken into asking Miyuki for a date, or will Natsumi have to browbeat him into the dire deed?

Of course, Yoriko's got it all wrong. Miyuki isn't going on an Omiai. It's much worse than that!

Can Miyuki resist the charms of a stranger from her past? Can Natsumi deliver Ken from the depths of depression? Can the Captain combat the soap-opera snafu that is destroying precinct productivity? And can ANYONE get Yoriko to just shut up?!

Episode 4: "On The Road Again"

Are Bokutoo Precinct's Dynamic Duo headed for Divorce? When the Captain makes Natsumi an offer she can't refuse - the chance to be one of the first female members of the elite motorcycle patrol - it looks like splitsville for Natsumi and Miyuki's partnership.

The normally decisive Natsumi is in a quandary. The normally tongue-tied Ken is full of advice. The normally stoic Miyuki is on the edge of tears. And the abnormally gossipy Yoriko isn't much help the one time she could be useful!

Will Natsumi make it as a motorcycle cop? Will Miyuki be able to cope with her carsick new partner? Will Ken take his own advice? And will anyone realize the true identity of the mysterious "Fox"?!

Find out in the fiery conclusion to "You're Under Arrest!"