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Liner Notes for Anime Titles

AD Police FIles Liner Notes --
Executive Producers: Hayakawa Tadatsugu, Fujita Junji & Suzuki Toshimichi. Planning: Suzuki Toshimichi & Unozawa Shin. Original Stories: Suzuki Toshimichi.
Bubblegum Crash Liner Notes --
It is the year 2034 A.D. One evening, Glory Bank receives some unwelcome after-hours customers: a gang of robbers decked out in advanced powered suits. With Leon and Daley in charge, AD Police attempts to apprehend the crooks, but air support arrives too late to prevent them escaping in their own helicopter.
Bubblegum Crisis Liner Notes --
Note: All of this information and much more can be found on the Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Wiki. Even from the viewpoint of world history, there are few cities as prone to disaster as Tokyo. The city was completely destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and the Carpet-bombing of Tokyo at the end of World War II, as its name suggests, reduced the city to a smoking pile of rubble. But each time, Tokyo rose again from the ashes.
Otaku No Video Liner Notes --
We feel it is important to stress that there are going to be some unavoidable gaps in our information. The reason, unfortunately, is that the explanations for some of the really obscure jokes in the videos are known only to the perpetrator of the joke, and many of these people have since moved on to other companies and were thus impossible to reach. We'd like to thank Mr. Kanda and Mr. Kamimura of Gainax for their patience and assistance in helping to assemble these liner notes.
Riding Bean Liner Notes --
In case you are looking for stylish and safe outerwear, you might want to know that Bean Bandit's jacket and head-band are made out of a special titanium-mesh weave, overlaid with Kevlar. His gloves, pants, and boots are also made out of Kevlar.
The Dagger of Kamui Liner Notes --
"Arororo" and "Hoochippu" are but two of the smattering of words from the language of the Ainu, the aboriginal peoples of Japan, that are used in the course of the film. According to the lyricist, Agi Yooko, the words were given to her to work into the song, and mainly for that reason, we cannot provide definitive meanings.
Vampire Princess Miyu Liner Notes --
The actual kanji reading of the title is "Kyuuketsuhime Miyu," which literally translates to "Vampire Princess Miyu." However, the series creator, Kakinouchi Narumi, used a variant reading of "Kyuuketsuki Miyu," which translates to just "Vampire Miyu," and this is the official Japanese title of the series. With the permission of Sooeishinsha, we decided to use "Vampire Princess Miyu" because it more accurately conveyed the original meaning of the Japanese title.
You're Under Arrest! Liner Notes --
The original You're Under Arrest OVAs later became the first four episodes of the first season of the You're Under Arrest TV Series. These liner notes cover the original OVAs; at the bottom of this page are links to PDF files containing the liner notes for the entire first season.