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Established in 1989, AnimEigo, Inc. is not only one of the first companies to release Anime in the United States and Canada, but also one of the first companies to release significant numbers of high-quality Japanese live-action films. Over our more than 20 year history, we have consistently broadened the market for Japanese films by finding audiences for entire new genres of films.

Renowned for the quality of our translations, subtitles, and dubbing, we have released many classic anime titles, including “Bubblegum Crisis”, “Urusei Yatsura”, “Kimagure Orange Road”, and “Oh My Goddess!”.

AnimEigo's live action films include such genres such as Samurai Cinema, Art films, Action, WWII from Japan's perspective, Ninkyo (Yakuza films), Comedy, and more. Our titles include Shogun Assassin, Lone Wolf and Cub, Zatoichi, Lady Snowblood, Sleepy Eyes of Death, the Palm d'Or winning The Ballad of Narayama, Japan's Longest Day, and now the Guinness World record holder for longest movies series starring the same actor, Tora-san

AnimEigo is a private company located at Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Most questions regarding AnimEigo and our products can be directed to; they will be directed to and answered by the appropriate staff-person. But please, read the AnimEigo Top-10 list, it probably contains the answer to your question!

Orders and questions about orders should be sent to, for minimum delay.

Questions about Convention sponsorship, screenings, film festivals, etc., can be directed to

Reviewers who wish to attempt to bamboozle us into sending them free copies of our titles should also offer their flattery and bribes to Natsumi.

Retailers wishing information about ordering our products should call our main number, or email

You can also call us at 1-800-24ANIME (in North Carolina, 910-251-1850), or write to us at AnimEigo, 6810 Finian Drive, Wilmington, NC 28409 USA.

Returns Policy: Limited to manufacturing defects only. If you cannot return to point of purchase, please phone or email for instructions and a Return Authorization Number (R.A.#). No returns more than 30 days after purchase. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED WITHOUT A R.A.#. Please enclose a written description of defect, including time on the DVD where the problem occurs (this will help us track down any manufacturing problems).

For a more irreverent look at our company's past, please enjoy the Secret History of AnimEigo.

The Current Rogue's Gallery

Name :  Robert J. Woodhead
Official Title :  CEO
Actual Job :  World Domination!
Nickname :  Who dares give me a nickname?! A slow death awaits the dog!
Greatest Fear:  That his usefullness may someday come to an end...
Quote or Epitaph :  "I hope this was just the beta test!"
Superpower :  Always able to find the best parking space... but cannot figure out how to use this ability to fight crime
Name :  Janice Hindle
Official Title :  Classified
Actual Job :  Top Secret
Nickname :  "She who must not be named"
Greatest Fear:  None
Quote or Epitaph :  None - rumored to be immortal
Superpower :  You don't want to know
Name :  Natsumi Ueki
Official Title :  President, COO, and anything else she wants to be
Actual Job :  She Who Must Be Obeyed
Nickname :  Nobody has given her one and lived
Greatest Fear:  "Fear? How do you say that in Japanese?"
Quote or Epitaph :  "Let's not bother my puppe... er, Robert, with that"
Superpower :  Ability to send emails that cause cranial hemorrhages
Name :  Matt Baumgardner
Official Title :  Graphic Designer
Actual Job :  Helping Natsumi find the perfect shade of green
Nickname :  He who may come in on Wednesday or Friday
Greatest Fear:  Being chased off a cliff by 1000 naked women
Quote or Epitaph :  "Fast like laxative, Calm like coma, Conquering like liquor, Invincible like taxes!"
Superpower :  Making everyone else feel like all the great ideas were theirs, whilst still managing to remain indispensible to the powers-that-be

A version of this page has been translated by a fan into Belorussian. This did not even make the "Top 10 weird things that happened at AnimEigo" list for the week.