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Miyamoto Musashi - The Set of 5 Discs
1 - North America
570 min
Liner Notes, Audio Commentary by Stuart Galbraith IV, Image Gallery, Trailers
Tomu Uchida
Contains Violence.

First he mastered the blade -- then he mastered his own soul!

An epic 5-film series that chronicles the life of Japan's most famous swordsman, Miyamoto Mushashi, founder of the Niten-ryu school of swordsmanship, and author of The Book of Five Rings, the world-famous book on strategy, tactics and philosophy. Set against the backdrop of Japan’s tumultuous warring-states period, this five-film saga chronicles the rise of Miyamoto Musashi as he evolves from untamed warrior to become Japan’s most famous swordsman.

  • Regarded in Japan as the best and most in-depth film adaptation of Musashi’s story ever made.
  • Based on the best-selling book series (120+ mil. copies sold worldwide) by Yoshikawa Eiji.
  • Starring the incomparable Nakamura Kinnosuke.
  • Directed by award-winning filmmaker Uchida Tomu.
  • Features a new audio commentary by film historian Stuart Galbraith IV
  • “Uchida Tomu is an unheralded master of Japanese film” -- Bruce Bennett, NY film critic
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