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We often get asked about the difference between Lone Wolf & Cub and Shogun Assassin.

TL/DR: Lone Wolf & Cub are the original films, Japanese language with English Subtitles. Shogun Assassin are the derived versions, some with substantial edits, dubbed into English with no Japanese language or subtitles.

The full story:

In the beginning, there were the 6 Lone Wolf & Cub films, released in Japan in the early 1970's.

Our release of Lone Wolf & Cub are these original films; unedited, uncut, remastered on HD from new prints, in the original Japanese with English subtitles.

LW&C is currently available on DVD; a Blu-Ray release is scheduled for Fall 2012.

Shogun Assassin is where it gets complicated.

Shogun Assassin was created by editing together LW&C 1 and 2 and dubbing the result into English. It was released in 1980.

Somewhat later, LW&C 3 was dubbed into English and released as Lightning Swords of Death. Only a few edits were made, and the translation is fairly straightforward.

After AnimEigo obtained the rights to the dubbed versions (Shogun Assassin and Lighting Swords of Death), we had the other three films (LW&C 4-6) dubbed into English.

Because Shogun Assassin was created by editing together LW&C 1 and 2, there are only 5 Shogun Assassin films: Shogun Assassin (LW&C 1 and 2), Shogun Assassin 2: Lightning Swords of Death (LW&C 3) and Shogun Assassin 3-5 (LW&C 4-6).

Our release of the Shogun Assassin films uses the same high-quality masters as the LW&C films. In the case of Shogun Assassin, we took the original film and replaced each cut with the corresponding one from the HD masters.

All the Shogun Assassin films are English-language only; there is no Japanese soundtrack or subtitles.

Shogun Assassin is currently available on both DVD and Blu-Ray.

We hope this helps explain the situation!