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The Blind Menace (Shiranui Kengyo) DVD
1 - North America
91 min.
Program Notes, Image Gallery, Trailer, Cast & Crew Bios
Kazuo Mori
Contains Violence, Despicability.

See Katsu at his best -- doing his worst!

Before he portrayed the legendary blind swordsman, Zatoichi, Shintaro Katsu played Suganoichi, a blind court masseur with a dark side. An outcast since birth, he learned from a young age that the only way to get ahead was to take advantage of others. Now an expert con-artist with a heart of coal, Suganoichi is on a vile quest for power, and everyone else will suffer along the way!

  • The film that inspired the Zatoichi series.
  • Starring the legendary Shintaro Katsu.
  • A must see of all fans of the Zatoichi series!
"Thoroughly entertaining" -- wetmovie1 video review
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