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Sleepy Eyes of Death DVD Box Set 1
1 - North America
338 min
Collector's Booklet, Audio Commentary by Film Scholar Ric Meyers and Author/Martial Arts Expert Jeff Rovin, Image Gallery, Program Notes, Interactive Maps, Cast&Crew Biographies, Theatrical Trailers
Raizo Ichikawa
Contains Violence, Nudity, and Nihilism

Master of the Full Moon Cut

He is a mysterious stranger, the samurai with the strange, sleepy eyes. His mother Japanese; his father a foreigner; he has no past, he wants no future. He calls himself Nemuri Kyoshiro, but those who challenge him face...

The Sleepy Eyes of Death!

Sleepy Eyes of Death is one of the longest-running (12 films) and best-loved samurai series of all time. Raizo Ichikawa (who sadly died at the age of 37) masterfully portrays Nemuri Kyoshiro, "the son of the Black Mass," a half-breed warrior in search of a perfect death, driven by his disdain for Christianity and for the society in which he lives. Like all of Samurai Cinema's releases, Sleepy Eyes of Death is uncut, unedited, and presented in the original theatrical aspect ratio.

Sleepy Box Set #1 contains the first 4 films in the series.

  • One of the most iconic and longest-running samurai film series of all time.
  • Starring the incomparable Raizo Ichikawa, “The James Dean of Japan”.
  • Based on the writings of legendary novelist Renzaburo Shibata.
  • First four films in a 12-part film series.

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Sleepy Eyes of Death DVD Box Set 2
1 - North America
331 min.
Image Gallery, Theatrical Trailers, Program Notes, Biographies
Raizo Ichikawa
Contains Violence.

The Deadly Circle Continues

Raizo Ichikawa is back, in 4 more adventures of the nihilistic ronin Nemuri Kyoshiro!

  • One of the most iconic and longest-running samurai film series of all time.
  • Starring the incomparable Raizo Ichikawa, “The James Dean of Japan”.
  • Based on the writings of legendary novelist Renzaburo Shibata.
  • Films 5-8 in a 12-part film series.

Sleepy Eyes of Death DVD Box Set 3

The Circle is Complete

Raizo Ichikawa returns for the final 4 installments in the Adventures of Nemuri Kyoshiro!

  • One of the most iconic and longest-running samurai film series of all time.
  • The final 4 Kyoshiro Nemuri films starring the incomparable Raizo ICHIKAWA
  • Directed by Kazuo IKEHIRO (9,12), Tokuzo TANAKA (10) and Kimiyoshi YASUDA (11)
  • Based on the writings of legendary novelist Renzaburo Shibata.

#1 : The Chinese Jade

After Kyoshiro disposes of a half-dozen ambushers (and thus demonstrating his skill), their master, Lord Maeda, sends his ward Chisa to seduce him and set him agasinst his enemy, Chen Sun. Chen is trying to protect a document that, if revealed, will cause the downfall of Maeda's Clan, an event Chen would relish. Deception is piled upon treachery, and to solve the mystery, Kyoshiro must find a man who is already dead, and get him to reveal the secret of The Chinese Jade. And then, of course, everyone will want him dead!

#2 : Sword of Adventure

Kyoshiro is drugged and kidnapped for the pleasure of the Shogun's degenerate daughter, Princess Taka. Features the famous ambush at the public baths!

#3 : Full Circle Killing

Kyoshiro demonstrates his skill by slicing the clothes from the body of a female opponent, and gets involved in a plot that could spell his doom!

#4 : Sword of Seduction

A fugitive christian "saint" (female, of course!) and a sadistic drug-addled princess both have their eye on Kyoshiro. The fact that a bunch of ruthless smugglers also want him dead is the least of his problems!

#5 : Sword of Fire

When Kyoshiro, in a moment of weakness, saves the life of a woman being attacked on the road, he quickly finds himself entangled in a conspiracy involving a corrupt chamberlain, a wily merchant, the survivors of a pirate gang, and a missing treasure trove.

#6 : Sword of Satan

A little boy who just wants to be a carpenter is at the center of a plot that might topple -- or save -- a mighty Clan, and while the swords of some angry samurai may not cause Kyoshiro much trouble, the deadly wiles of two women may be more difficult to survive!

#7 : Mask of the Princess

Everyone's favorite sadist, Princess Kiku is back, and this time she's got a squad of Ninja to do her dirty-work. And after what Kyoshiro did to her the last time they met, this time she wants him to suffer -- really suffer -- before he dies.

#8 : Sword of Villainy

To avenge the death of their master, who launched an uprising to help the poor, his students hatch a plot to burn down Edo Castle when all the high officials are inside. To save hundreds of thousands of people who live near the castle, Kyoshiro finds himself helping the government he despises.

#9 : A Trail of Traps

A golden statue and an innocent girl embroil Kyoshiro in a deadly conflict between conniving officials and a murderous cult of devil worshipers. He can depend on his Full Moon Cut to deal with them, but how can it help him when he runs into some murderous Nuns with Guns?

#10 : Hell is a Woman

Two devious retainers are competing to take control of a fief when the current Lord dies, but involving Kyoshiro in the conflict against his will is the textbook example of a bad idea -- especially when the collateral damage starts to tick him off.

#11 : In the Spider's Lair

Two psychotic (and officially dead) children of the Shogun are amusing themselvs by torturing and murdering the peasants who live in a remote rural area. But that's starting to get boring, so when they learn that Kyoshiro is the son of a Black Mass, they decide to have some fun with him...

#12 : Castle Menagerie

Just when you think Kyoshiro's life can't get any stranger, someone starts running around raping and murdering, and leaving notes proudly proclaiming that he did it. Tracking down the real culprit willtake him along a twisted trail that involves the Shogun's harem, hidden christians, and positively pregnant politics!