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Liner Notes for Other Titles

Graveyard of Honor Liner Notes --
Takashi Miike's Graveyard of Honor (“Shin jingi no hakaba,” literally translated as New Graveyard of Honor) is a remake of the 1975 Kinji FUKASAKU-helmed Graveyard of Honor. Based on a real-life yakuza from Fukasaku's own home district of Mito, the 1975 version stars Tetsuya WATARI as the alternately monstrous and bewildered Rikio ISHIKAWA.
The Clone Returns Home Liner Notes --
Kanji NAKAJIMA (Director & Writer) (1970- ) After enrolling at the Tokyo University of Art and Design in 1988, NAKAJIMA started making films and videos. His video work “KA KE RA” received the Originality Prize at the Image Forum Festival and the Silver Prize at Video Biennale in Medellin, Colombia in 1989.
Tora-san Liner Notes --
A dango is a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour (“mochiko”) and which are related to mochi. Often served with green tea, dango are eaten year-round, but usually vary according to season. Three to five dango are usually served on a skewer, and sweet red bean paste (“anko”) dango is the most popular flavor in Japan.