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Graveyard of Honor DVD
1 - North America
131 min
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Takashi Miike
Contains Graphic Violence, Strong Language, Brief Nudity, Drug Use, and Rampant Nihilism

The classic yakuza film, remade as only Takashi Miike could!

In Japan's underground yakuza society, some men define themselves by honor, others by vengeance... and some are beyond definition -- cold-blooded merciless sociopaths. And in this remake of Kinji FUKUSAKU's (Yakuza Papers, Battle Royale) cult classic, celebrated director Takashi MIIKE redefines the Yakuza movie genre.

Based on the real life of an infamous gangster, Graveyard of Honor is the story of Rikuo ISHIMATSU, a lowly dishwasher who unknowingly saves the life of a Yakuza Oyabun (Godfather) and quickly rises to a position of power in his gang. Loyally supporting his Oyabun and his brother gangsters, Ishimatsu wreaks havoc on anyone who stands in their way, inevitably earning himself a trip to the slammer. Five years later, he is released, expecting to rejoin the only family he has ever known. But his short temper turns a simple misunderstanding into an escalating orgy of violence that destroys everyone around him.

Graveyard of Honor is a penetrating meditation on human nature, demonstrating once again that a man's worst enemy is truly himself.

  • Directed by Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Audition) — the most controversial and celebrated filmmaker in Japan.
  • Remake of Kinji Fukasaku's (Battle Royal) Yakuza classic.
  • Based on the true story of the short life of one of Japan's most violent outlaws.
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