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BackerSupport is a custom application (for both Mac and Windows) dedicated to managing Crowdfunding campaigns. I wrote it to handle the logistics for the Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Kickstarter, which ended up with over 3000 backers from around the world, ordering 3 main deliverable product variations in dozens of combinations. No commercial project management solution I could find could even come close to doing what I needed, so I ended up rolling my own -- and then I got hooked on the idea of making it a general, customizable solution for these kinds of projects.
Graveyard of Honor

In Japan's underground yakuza society, some men define themselves by honor, others by vengeance... and some are beyond definition -- cold-blooded merciless sociopaths. And in this remake of Kinji FUKUSAKU's (Yakuza Papers, Battle Royale) cult classic, celebrated director Takashi MIIKE redefines the Yakuza movie genre.
Growing Up With Hello Kitty

Kids have fun while they learn with Hello Kitty! Each Growing Up with Hello Kitty contains 6 entertaining stories that teach young children important basic life lessons. Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy learn to share, eat their vegetables, sleeping by themselves, answer the phone, use proper table manners, and much more.
Metal Munching Maniacs

Sparks fly and Robots die in our exclusive collection of Robotic Combat videos!
T-Shirts & Character Goods

AnimEigo T-Shirts and other video-related products.
The Clone Returns Home

An astronaut dies on a mission, but never fear — he's got a clone, which has been imprinted with his memories. Unfortunately, the clone malfunctions, and fixates on a tragic memory from the dead astronaut's youth. The clone runs away to find answers and solace from his burdensome memories, much to the dismay of his wife and the clone company.

In a typical story-line from the series, Tora-san visits a different part of Japan where he meets a beautiful young woman, and tells her if she ever needs help, she should come visit him in his small hometown of Shibamata. After returning home to his sister Sakura and his disapproving relatives, the damsel in distress shows up, and Tora-san falls in love. Alas, his attempts to help her, and win her heart, invariably cause her to fall for someone else!