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The Samurai I Loved DVD
1 - North America
131 min
Interview with the Director, Image Gallery, Program Notes, Cast&Crew Bios, Theatrical Trailers
Mitsuo Kurotsuchi
Contains Violence

Duty requires sacrifice...

Following his father’s forced seppuku, Bunshiro and his mother are left with nothing but a meager income and the shame of his father’s alleged treason. After years of dedicating himself to swordsmanship, and trying to forget the memory of his childhood love, Fuku, he becomes a crop inspector for the fief and finds himself ensnared by the same devious retainers that cost his father his life.

When he finds that Fuku, now one of the Lord’s concubines, is also an unwilling pawn in the same deadly game, Bunshiro is forced to confront an undying love thought to be buried long ago, but which binds him with the strings of fate.

  • A mix of romance and action set against a backdrop of stunning cinematography, appealing to both male and female audiences.
  • Won 3, nominated for 12 film awards.
  • Based upon the masterpiece by Japan’s best-known samurai novelist, Shuhei FUJISAWA (Twilight Samurai, Hidden Blade, and Love and Honor).
  • Special features include interview with the director and 5.1 surround audio
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