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Riding Bean DVD
Japanese, English
1 - North America
46 min
Image Gallery, Original Trailer
Yasuo Hasegawa
Kenichi Sonoda
Contains Profanity, Violence, and Brief Nudity

Think of it as "Lethaler Weapon"

In Chicago, ace courier Bean Bandit rules the road, and operates on both sides of the Law.

"When it absolutely, positively, has to be there NOW," Bean Bandit is your man -- if you can afford his rates.

"Worried about the getaway from your next heist?" Leave the driving to Bean!

Unfortunately for Bean, and even more unfortunately for the Chicago P.D.'s insurance company, he's about to have to demonstrate why he's so expensive.

The plot begins to thicken when Bean drives getaway from a robbery (score: 6 police cruisers and 1 18-wheeler). The crooks are a little ticked off to find out that Bean's flat rate fee accounts for almost all of the proceeds, but business is business. Curiously, as soon as Bean leaves, their annoyance disappears.

The next day, Bean and his heavily-armed assistant, Rally Vincent (deadly with both gun and frying pan), receive a visitor with a young girl in tow.

The visitor barely has time to beseech them to return the girl to her father before a hit-team swiss-cheeses Bean's apartment. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't have Bean's taste in clothes (all Kevlar, including his underwear!)

Bean and Rally bundle little Chelsea into the car and make tracks. Alas, what they don't know is that the kid- nappers have already made off with the $2,000,000 ransom, leaving them to take the rap.

Will Bean discover the ruse in time and get the money for himself? Will he be able to evade the relentless pursuit of Inspector Percy? Will the Chicago P.D.'s insurance company raise their rates? Find out by watching RIDING BEAN, one very high-octane action-adventure!

Non-US/Canada Customers: we can ship this title anywhere in the world, excluding Japan, China and Taiwan. For a complete list of titles we can ship outside of North America, see the Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition page.

  • Set in Chicago with lots of details of the city.
  • "Gunsmith Cats" is the alternate-universe side-story of Riding Bean.
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