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Otaku No Video DVD
1 - North America
100 min
1982, 1985
Updated Liner Notes, Original Trailer, Previously Unreleased Artwork
Takeshi Mori
Contains Brief Nudity, Adult Situations

Resistance is Futile! You will be Otakunized!

A true treat for true fans of any genre, Otaku no Video ("Fan's Video") is an outrageous mockumentary that combines the superb animation that made GAINAX one of Japan's best-loved animation studios with truly strange interviews with "real animation fans." The result is a thinly fictionalized history of GAINAX that segues into a truly strange SF adventure.

Sit back and enjoy as a small band of Otaku (fans) set out to "Otakunize" the human race!

AnimEigo's special presentation of Otaku no Video contains both episodes: "Otaku no Video 1982" and "New Otaku no Video 1985."

Non-US/Canada Customers: we can ship this title anywhere in the world, excluding Japan, China and Taiwan. For a complete list of titles we can ship outside of North America, see the Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition page.

  • Considered the "Bible" for true Anime Fans.
  • Character designs by Kenichi Sonoda (Bubblegum Crisis, Gunsmith Cats).
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