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Title Shinobi no Mono DVD Box Set 1
Website Product Page Shinobi no Mono
Product Info ISHIKAWA Goemon (ICHIKAWA Raizo), a talented young ninja, becomes ensnared in a twisted scheme to assassinate ODA Nobunaga, an evil warlord bent on ruling feudal Japan with an iron fist.
Bullet Points
Starring Raizo Ichikawa, one of the biggest stars in Japanese film history.
Series launched the first ninja boom in Japan.
Contains 4 dynamic historical epics.
Features realistic ninja techniques & details of Samurai / Ninja society.
UPC 7-37187-01110-8
ISBN 1-56567-527-4
Internal SKU AV209-009
MSRP $69.98
Original Release Year 1962-1964
Color B&W
Rating 18+
Run Time 371 min
DVD Extras Audio Commentary by Film Scholar Ric Meyers, Interactive Maps, Image Galleries, Program Notes, Theatrical Trailers
Package Warning Contains Violence, Intrigue, and Ninja Secrets
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Format DVD-9/DVD-5
Region 1 - North America
Website Availability 09/01/2009
Notes SALE
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