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Title Sleepy Eyes of Death DVD Box Set 2
Website Product Page Sleepy Eyes of Death
Product Info Edo, the capital of Japan, has degenerated into a tangled web of political intrigue and personal vice. Nemuri Kyoshiro, the half-breed son of a Japanese noblewoman raped by a Christian missionary, lives only for the moment, amused by the chaos that surrounds him. But those who decide to use him for their own ends soon discover that they have made a fatal error! For Kyoshiro wields the fabled Musou-Masamune blade, and is master of the most subtle and deadly technique in all of swordplay, the Full-Moon-Cut. All those who challenge him must face... the Sleepy Eyes of Death!
Bullet Points
One of the most iconic and longest-running samurai film series of all time.
Starring the incomparable Raizo Ichikawa, “The James Dean of Japan”.
Based on the writings of legendary novelist Renzaburo Shibata.
Films 5-8 in a 12-part film series.
Internal SKU AV210-007
UPC 737187-01221-1
ISBN 1-56567-546-0
MSRP $79.98
Original Release Year 1965-1966
Run Time 331 min.
DVD Extras Image Gallery, Theatrical Trailers, Program Notes, Biographies
Package Warning Contains Violence.
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Format DVD-5
Region 1 - North America
Website Availability 01/12/2011
Notes SALE
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