Gouda Hiroaki

Director- Port 8

Mr. Gooda belongs to Graviton. He participated in Moonlight Rambler & Red Eyes as a guest-character designer, animator, and animation director, and got a surprise promotion to director for episode 6. He was the animation director of Madox-01, and directed the OVA series Oh My Goddess!, so he developed his career as both director and animation director. Both Madox-01 and Oh My Goddess! were released in the USA by AnimEigo.

I really don't want to say much about how it turned out, but I myself think it turned out quite well. (laugh) I had known Oobari-san for years and I became involved in this series when when he invited me in as animation director of episodes 5 and 6. Although Oobari-san had done various kinds of work, I think that he directed with the thoughts: “I want to express what's my very own, and not just help out with someone eise’s work.” As for me, up until then I was put in charge of 1 to 2 minutes out of a 30 minute piece as one of the animators.

BGC was my first opportunity to do animation direction for an entire OVA episode. The most I had done before was as an animation director of TV episodes. I had a special feeling for BGC, and I always thought l might be able to establish my own world of BGC. I wanted to express myself using BGC as a medium. So I asked Artmic, “Please let me direct BGC.”

What I wanted to do in Scoop Chase… You see, in Moonlight Rambler and Red Eyes, Oobari-san finished it up with his specialty, a hot fighting sequence. He made that kind of a fun, action-packed piece, didn't he, so if I were going to stand in the ring as a director then it would have been futile for me to compete with him in the same arena. I had become attached to each of the individual characters of BGC, so I thought I wanted to make a story focusing on the characters themselves.

I wanted to do something like a human theatre, or drama. Prior to this, by chance, there had been no story centered around Nene, so I thought that was my job. They let me do it starting with the scenario, and I really don’t want to say much about how it turned out, but I myself think it turned out quite well. (laugh)

Though I got lots of help from others, I directed, and I was able to express what I wanted; l’m truly satisfied. And I am truly grateful to those who put me in charge. I got to see the work from a different perspective by being the director. Best of all, I almost cried when a friend of mine said “it was fun!” seeing the finished product. So you could say that Bubble taught me that I can endeavor and endure hardship. I would be happy if the viewers can sense the emotion that I intended to put in that episode.