Kakinuma Hideki

Production Designer

President of Darts. Mr. Kakinuma did the mechanical design of the Mospaeda TV series , and the Megazone 23 OVA while he was with Artmic. Later, he created the original story, screenplay, storyboard, and mecha designs of the Gallforce OVA. Currently, he is in charge of organization and screenplays for the TV series DT Eitoron.

Bubblegum Crisis was planned as a title to follow the OVA Megazone 23 and Gail Force that were produced at the time by Artmic (however, we could say the origin of BGC was Technopolice 21C , the SF anime originally created by Suzuki—san,). Based on this history, Bubble is like Megazone + Gall Force.

Due to the major success of the movie Blade Runner at that time, the situation is the near future with a strong Blade Runner toughness, however, it still has some brilliant concepts, such as the situation of Tokyo being rebuilt from the damage of the second Great Kanto Earthquake and the region which was not rebuilt due to the fault which split Tokyo into two areas.

At that time, Artmic was a company in charge of animation production planning, however, they had the capability to do original stories, screenplays, storyboards, mechanical design, character design and even animation. So they were able to choose what parts of the production they’d do themselves, and what parts would be contracted out.

I personally liked concepts like the unfinished Tokyo city hall (which was not built at that time in Tokyo) becoming abandoned due to the decision to move the capital to outside Tokyo. And then, as soon as it gets demolished, the huge Genom tower is built. However, original creator Suzuki-san, Aramaki-kun, who was mainly in charge of mechanical design, and character designer Sono-yan of character design had their own, slightly divergent, inclinations.

They all have the same concept: a futuristic “Sure Death!“. It seems that Suzuki-san aimed at something like a societal drama centered on the evils of industry. I think that Aramaki-kun was aiming for a stylish cyber-SF in tune with MTV, and Sono-yan was aiming for hardcore SF. However, more than anything else, the key reasons for it being a hit are exclusively the title Bubblegum Crisis, which foretold the later bursting of the bubble, and Sono-yan’s kinky hardsuits that are reminiscent of “Ramroid.”

As an aside, Sono-yan bought a lot of pictorials of ladies‘ underwear as research materials for his hard suit designs! (laugh)

At the time there was no plan to make it into a series, each fiim was going to be made one at a time. So each film had to be much more serious and self-contained than series episodes.

Since I was also doing the Gall Force series, I gradually drifted away from BGC production. Looking back at that time, it was the dawn of the OVA era, and each of the OVAs had its own unique character and power. Each episode was expected to sell well, so we were happy to keep on working, keeping in tune with the expectations of the fans. Now, after 12 years, BGC is being re-released as a TV series. I hope it becomes a title which both old and new fans can enjoy.