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 ====== Otaku no Video ====== ====== Otaku no Video ======
-If you notice any errors in the wiki, please email me at trebor@animeigo.com to give me a headsup ​-- thanks!+[[https://​www.kickstarter.com/​projects/​madoverlord/​otaku-no-video-otaking-edition-subtitled-anime-blu|Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter]] 
 <WRAP column> <WRAP column>
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   * [[Japanese Blu-Ray Insert]]   * [[Japanese Blu-Ray Insert]]
   * [[Package Art]]   * [[Package Art]]
-  * [[https://​www.dropbox.com/​sh/​stousvwrdgk93e3/​AACq6_QTFMUJknBmryIzL5YIa?​dl=0|High Resolution Versions ​(Data Archive)]]+  * [[https://​www.dropbox.com/​sh/​stousvwrdgk93e3/​AACq6_QTFMUJknBmryIzL5YIa?​dl=0|High Resolution Versions]]
   * [[https://​vimeo.com/​animeigo/​onvpromo|Kickstarter Promo Video]]   * [[https://​vimeo.com/​animeigo/​onvpromo|Kickstarter Promo Video]]