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-====== Notes for Wiki Editors ====== 
-This is a scratchpad page that BGC Wiki Editors can use to leave notes to each other about best practices, work assignments,​ to-do lists, etc. 
-====== To Do ====== 
-  * The Commentaries,​ Interviews and Notes need to be transcribed from the DVDs. Unfortunately,​ so far I haven'​t been able to locate the original text. Low priority, they may turn up. 
- * write full bios on the knightsabers ​ (I plan to do that this weekend-isaac59) and other principle charecters.  ​ 
-====== Autolinking ====== 
-We have the capability of autolinking words and phrases to particular pages. The links that have been created are in bold; add links you want created under them. Note that the auto linking has occurred on these entries! 
-**[[:​crisis:​bgc1|Tinsel City]] --> :​crisis:​bgc1.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bubblegum_crisis|Bubblegum Crisis]] --> :​crisis:​bubblegum_crisis.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​priss|Priss]] --> :​crisis:​[[:​crisis:​priss|priss]].txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​oomori_kinuko|Oomori Kinuko]] --> :​crisis:​oomori_kinuko.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​largo|Largo]] --> :​crisis:​[[:​crisis:​largo|largo]].txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc2|Born to Kill]] --> :​crisis:​bgc2.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc3|Blow Up]] --> :​crisis:​bgc3.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc4|Revenge Road]] --> :​crisis:​bgc4.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc5|Moonlight Rambler]] --> :​crisis:​bgc5.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc6|Red Eyes]] --> :​crisis:​bgc6.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc7|Double Vision]] --> :​crisis:​bgc7.txt\\ 
-[[:​crisis:​bgc8|Scoop Chase]] --> :​crisis:​bgc8.txt\\