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 ========Mackie Stingray========== ========Mackie Stingray==========
-Age:​17 ​Height:162+Age: 17
-Sylia'​s Brother and the youngest member of the Knight Sabers. Mackie Stringray like the rest of his family is a genius and very well to do. Fasinated by Girls Cars and Mecha it could be argued that he's in the best possible place for all 3. He will Inherit the Stringray Fortune when he comes of age. He runs support while the knightsabers are out on missions occationally getting into a Mecha himself when a mission calls for it. Being 17 years old his hormones are raging to the point where he will even try to catch a peek at his own sister.+* Height: 162 cm.
-==Before Crisis== +* [[sylia_stingray|Sylia]]'s little brother, and the youngest member of the Knight Sabers. 
-Mackie grew up with his Sister ​Sylia in what many would consider a very Idyllic lifeBoth him and his sister had everything they needed except for their fatherOne night after week of absance Mackie was calling for him, in response his sister called their fatherThat call was the last time either of them ever saw their father alive. Some time alter dr Stingrays death Sylia Received a Package from him and began development of the hardsuitsSupporting ​his sister ​as best he could he grew up in their 8 year development time+ 
 +* Fascinated by girls, cars and mechaHas case of raging hormones. 
 +* Usually handles support ​and logistics when the Knight Sabers are on assignment, but will get into a Mecha himself when a mission calls for it. 
 +* Like his sisterhe probably has some Boomer technology augumentations.