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Line 11: Line 11:
 \\ \\
 Light no umi oyogu dare mo ga\\ Light no umi oyogu dare mo ga\\
-Itami o kakaete "​Midnight Dreamin.'"​\\+Itami o kakaete\\ 
 +"​Midnight Dreamin.'"​\\
 \\ \\
 Zawameku machi no noise ga\\ Zawameku machi no noise ga\\
Line 22: Line 23:
 "​Teardrops"​ yuki ni ima kaete\\ "​Teardrops"​ yuki ni ima kaete\\
 Hashiridasu "Born to be wild heart."​\\ Hashiridasu "Born to be wild heart."​\\
 \\ \\
 Ame ni utare hagareta "movie poster"​\\ Ame ni utare hagareta "movie poster"​\\
Line 37: Line 39:
 "Never mind" Kizudarake no tsubasa de\\ "Never mind" Kizudarake no tsubasa de\\
 Tobitatsu yo "Born to be wild heart."​\\ Tobitatsu yo "Born to be wild heart."​\\
 \\ \\
 Dare mo ga ai o sagashite\\ Dare mo ga ai o sagashite\\
Line 53: Line 54:
 \\ \\
 All who swim in the ocean of light\\ All who swim in the ocean of light\\
-hold their pain close... "​Midnight Dreaming."​\\+hold their pain close...\\ 
 +"​Midnight Dreaming."​\\
 \\ \\
 Though the noise of the bustling city\\ Though the noise of the bustling city\\